custom VR training solutions

Applicable to a wide variety of industries, Visual Purple’s custom training solutions encompass rich virtual environments that come to life to train and simulate high-risk environments where the wrong decision could mean the difference between life or death.


Every simulation we create begins and ends with our clients needs in mind. We understand that each project is completely unique and needs exceptional attention to detail as well as a clear understanding of the core training goals. We have built a team of developers, designers, and producers that have the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to produce AAA Game quality VR training simulations. Our team works closely with your leaders and experts in order to create the perfect training that will yield the best possible results.

Digital twin

With Digital Twin we create virtual representations of real-life physical elements including the dynamics of how these elements operate and effect each other and the environment they are in. We specialize in using Digital Twin to create training that reflects how people, places, and things would react in real life to the trainees interactions.


Denied Area is a Security First Person Shooter (FPS) Training Sim specially designed and customized to meet specific needs. Artificial Intelligence driven non-player characters are threaded throughout the sim to provide a realistic player experience. Denied Area is fully customizable to provide realistic buildouts of the desired location to provide the most authentic training environment that replicates the real world.

CRitical thinking TRAINING

Critical Thinking Simulations deliver training experiences in a manner that forces the user to exercise their problem solving abilities. This proven form of training also teaches trainees how to deconstruct complex situations and make impactful decisions in real-time. We create these simulations with flexibility in mind, ensuring that the training can be used anywhere at anytime and on almost any device. Critical Thinking Sims help tremendously with mission readiness and help trainees make the right decisions at the right times.


Task-based Trainings are specifically engineered to teach trainees how to successfully accomplish real-life tasks related to their occupation. These trainings range from full-fledged VR Games to simple interactive video training that can be accomplished from a smartphone. Task-based trainings provide tremendous value because they give trainees a way to get a "hands-on-experience" in a 100% controlled environment. This saves companies time, money, and offer ultimate flexibility in training.


We take great pride in the creation of each project: we build strong, sincere business relationships, striving to understand your training needs. Contact us today to start training the smart way.