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Denied Area: DCPP is the first release of our Denied Area product line. A digital twin of a real operating Nuclear Power Plant, this Multiplayer - Multirole FPS is used by Nuclear Security Forces to train real world strategies utilizing accurate player physics, lines of sight and pathings anywhere anytime. Red vs Blue training scenarios are also accompanied by a third simultaneous role, “The Facilitator” who has the power to change the world, goals, and objectives. The facilitator also has access to a robust set of statistics, trackings, and after action tools used to review the training.


Lunar Odyssey: Escape is your opportunity to experience the moon first hand. With fully immersive graphics, sound, and controls, your senses will be thrust into an experience unlike any other. You will be led through a series of tasks to successfully launch the Apollo 18 and escape the moon before time runs out. The team at Fractal Blue Entertainment has spent endless hours researching the details of the Apollo Missions, Lunar Modules, and the physics of Space Exploration. With the combination of this research and cutting edge VR technology, Lunar Odyssey: Escape is your ticket to experience a lunar mission.


The Quantum Intelligence Neural Network (Q.U.I.N.N) Series is a collection of 8 critical thinking training sims created for the U.S. Airforce. Each Q.U.I.N.N Training in the series was designed to sharpen decision making skills while immersing the trainee in a realistic (and fun) virtual environment. We developed these sims using game elements and principles that encourage engagement, knowledge retention, and faster/better decision making skills.

RC-135 Rivet Joint Virtual Trainer

The RC-135 Rivet Joint Virtual Trainer is a “digital twin” that enables US Air Force Airmen to accomplish required aircraft familiarization training. Trainees can interact with over 7,000 virtual objects and access interior maintenance spaces and crew positions. The feature set enable certified instructors to create customized training scenarios with any student in a controlled virtual environment and is the first and only VR project in use by the Air Force to be certified as replacement training for hands-on aircraft based training scenarios.


DCPP: Oasis is a first person sim with a combination of Cinematics and interactive portions that walk the player through the process of restoring power to a Nuclear Power Plant in the event of a “Beyond Design Basis Event” such as a large earthquake or Tsunami. The player goes through the setup of generators and pumps as well as the internal hookups within the plant for these support functions. This sim was a key component of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plants NRC required FLEX training and preparation in wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.


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