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Serious simulations

Visual Purple specializes in taking complex and often abstract training, teaching, and learning objectives and creates custom game and cinematic based products that offer higher levels of engagement, retention, and effectiveness.

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Award-winning game design

With over 200 VR Training Sims developed, our studio has helped industry leaders around the globe save time, money, and energy.

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Save Money

Virtual Reality (VR) training will save your company thousands (potentially millions) a year in costs associated with traditional training methods. After implementing our Custom Training Solutions, the US Airforce has saved an average of 5 Million dollars a year on fuel costs alone.

Save Time

What used to take months of scheduling, travel, and coordination can now take place immediately in a life-like virtual environment. Our VR trainings will open the door to saving hours, days, months, and years that can be spent completing tasks and objectives.

Highly Efficient

Say goodbye to wasted materials, labor, cost, and time. Virtual Reality training is by far the most efficient and optimized form of training available in the modern world. Each training we create for our clients is designed to be a force multiplier.

Safer Training

VR training allows you to put trainees in situations that would be to dangerous, expensive, or even impossible to replicate in real life. You can now simulate any situation needed with zero risk of injury or damage to your facility.


One of the greatest benefits of utilizing VR training is the usability. It allows for any training, anywhere, at any time. VR training also allows for easy updates that don't require replacing expensive equipment and trainers.

Incredible Results

Because of breakthroughs in VR and Game Development technologies, we are able to create life-like simulations. This realism yields incredible results with trainees. Besides saving massive amounts of time and money, companies are seeing their trainees more engaged and excited to learn.

client Testimonial

U.S. Air Force

“I was introduced to [the] VR training, provided by the 16th AF MAGIC Program, for our Airborne System Engineers (ASEs) on 26 March. This was my first time observing its use. I was impressed with the functionality of it. The level of detail within the airplane was phenomenal. As the incoming 338 CTS/CC, I am excited to see the potential to get our initial training accomplished on VR. I know that this will put our students in a much better position prior to them reaching the flying phase of their training (especially with “muscle-memory” type of training events). I would also expect that this VR training could reduce some of the Operational Ground Training (OGT) requirements which will, in turn, reduce putting added-stress on our aging airframes and equipment.”
- 338th CTS CC

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As an award winning studio, Visual Purple is providing cutting-edge VR Training to the most important brands in the country.

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