Applied Industries

Visual Purple develops custom gamified training simulations and solutions for a host of industries. Centered around high-end game-based training and cinematics, Visual Purple can adapt its proprietary technologies to create gamified training for any industry.


Nuclear power plant training simulations allow for reliable and efficient real-world training without any risks involved. Varying from plant operations to security force training, Visual Purple has deep roots in training nuclear power plant personnel, ultimately enabling higher retention rates and realized cost savings.


We have long standing relationship with the US Military and have created multiple VR Training Simulations for multiple branches including the U.S. Air Force. We appreciate and support our troops.


We have years of experience creating detailed Digital Twin Training Sims for the U.S. Air Force. These task-based trainings are ideal for Air and Space travel because of the level of detail, life-like physics, and immersive virtual environments. Our virtual training solutions have helped our clients save millions of dollars in fuel costs, and expedited the training process.


Our team of specialists can create a Virtual Training Solution for any industry. The possibilities are endless, and the results we can achieve for our clients is unmatched by traditional training methods.

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